How can I access the eRX system to update patient information for the doctor?

This is called Proxy Access and it allows a non-prescribing user to update client information within the eRX and even fill out the prescription information for the prescriber. (Please note that only the prescriber can approve and send/print the prescription.) Please submit a Help Desk ticket in ShareNote letting us know which staff you would […]

How do I access the electronic prescription system?

Go to the Client Manager from the main menu. Click the name of the client you wish to write a prescription for. Click the ELECTRONIC PRESCRIPTIONS link on the left-hand menu. If all of the required client information is PRESENT, you will see a green button labeled, “OPEN ELECTRONIC PRESCRIBING SYSTEM” If all of […]

Do I need a username and password to access the electronic prescription system as a prescriber?

No, you do not need this information. provides a secure token which will log in the prescriber to the electronic prescription system without the prescriber having to input a username or password. If you are presented with a challenge to submit a username and password, please close the DoseSpot window and reconnect by clicking […]

What Patient/Client Information is Required?

There is a certain subset of information that our electronic prescription system requires in patient/client details before the patient/client information can be sent into our electronic prescription system. The information requested is: First Name Last Name Home Address Home City Home State Home Zip Code Home Phone Date of Birth Once all of this information […]

Why do I have to present a credit card to begin my identity verification?

The prescriber’s credit card is run through Experian (a credit reporting agency) to verify that they are who they are and that their information matches up with the information on the credit card/report. The card is not charged nor is it kept on record by ShareNote, DoseSpot, or Experian. It is solely used as a […]

I have a script(s) with transmission errors stating, “Message type not supported by sender”. What does this mean?

There are two reason why this might occur. If you have not used the ShareNote eRx system in some time, it will set your account to inactive which will cause this message to occur. If you have not completed Identity Verification and are trying to prescribe controlled substances. Both are security features in place to […]

A prescriber has not received their Experian Identity Proofing (IDP) letter, what are the next steps?

If the prescriber does not receive the letter within 10 business days after completing Identity Proofing (IDP), please do the following so that we can help you more quickly: Find out the approximate date that the prescriber completed Identity Proofing Find out from the prescriber the city & state of the address at which they […]