Can I allow Staff Extra Time to enter notes without turning off the Note Lock altogether?

Yes, You can allow 1 or more staff additional time by adjusting their “Days To Enter Notes” in their Staff Profile.  Manager > Staff Profile > Staff Name > Edit > Scroll Down > General ShareNote Settings. 0 is the default, meaning it defers to the setting in Preferences. Update this number to give this […]

When I look in the Staff Manager, why can I not see all staff names?

If you do not see the name of other staff listed in the Staff Manager, it is due to being assigned a location in your profile and the staff you are looking for are either assigned to a different location or are not assigned any location. Go to Profile, Locations, and remove your assigned locations […]

I cannot remember my password. How can I retrieve it?

This retrieval method will only work if you have a valid email address added to your Staff Profile. If you do not have a valid email address, please contact your ShareNote administrator. From the login page or main page, enter your ShareNote Username. Click the “Forgot Password” link. Your password will now be emailed […]