Have you clicked this button?? – Print Staff Activity Report

What? Print Staff Activity Report button. This button creates a very informative report based upon the activity of your staff for the criteria selected in the search filter section. The report is broken down by staff and provides the following information: Date Client Service Code Note Start Time Note End Time Total Time Spent Total […]

Why am I unable to see my Client in the drop down box (ddb) when creating a note?

When you are unable to see your Individual in the ddb when creating a note, either that Individual is not in your caseload, or you are working in a different Location. Check your Caseload in your Profile and insure that your are working in the correct Current Location. If you have access you may also […]

Why can’t I reply to my Help Desk (HD) Ticket from my ShareNote Message Center?

To reply to a Help Desk Ticket, you must go back into your Help Desk within ShareNote. Click on the View link next to the ticket and add your reply to the Add Update field. Then click the Add Update button when complete. Once the button is clicked, the ShareNote support team will instantly receive […]

When I look in the Staff Manager, why can I not see all staff names?

If you do not see the name of other staff listed in the Staff Manager, it is due to being assigned a location in your profile and the staff you are looking for are either assigned to a different location or are not assigned any location. Go to Profile, Locations, and remove your assigned locations […]

When creating a new note and trying to select the Service Code, why does the message display “NO MATCH in Your Assigned Services!”?

This message is displayed because the services checked under the Services tab within the Staff Profile do not match the services checked under the Services tab within the Client’s Profile that the note is being completed for.

When viewing a Note, why can’t I see the “Comments” or why is my Message Center blank when it says I have messages?

It is because you have the Set Audit View box checked within your profile. Audit View is a limitation intended for auditors to view limited information inside the ShareNote system. Any staff with Audit View checked will be limited in their access. Please browse to your profile, click Edit, then remove the check from that […]