Why can’t I reply to my Help Desk (HD) Ticket from my ShareNote Message Center?

To reply to a Help Desk Ticket, you must go back into your Help Desk within ShareNote. Click on the View link next to the ticket and add your reply to the Add Update field. Then click the Add Update button when complete. Once the button is clicked, the ShareNote support team will instantly receive […]

Why can I not see any information, clients, or staff in ShareNote?

Browse to your profile by clicking, “My Profile”, on the top right of ShareNote under the main menu. Under “Additional Information & Settings”, make sure you do not have “Set Audit View” checked. If checked, click the green, “Edit Staff Details” button. Uncheck the checkbox beside, “Set Audit View”. Click the green, “Update” button to […]

I see a red “X” or nothing at all when I add my signature via a Topaz Signature Pad. What is wrong?

Due to recent updates to Microsoft Windows, ShareNote can no longer support the Topaz Sig Pads via our Help Desk. You may continue to troubleshoot the signature pad by uninstall/reinstalling the software, or by trying to use the signature pad on a computer running Windows 7 or lower, with Micrsoft Internet Explorer. ShareNote now allows […]