Can I allow Staff Extra Time to enter notes without turning off the Note Lock altogether?

Yes, You can allow 1 or more staff additional time by adjusting their “Days To Enter Notes” in their Staff Profile.  Manager > Staff Profile > Staff Name > Edit > Scroll Down > General ShareNote Settings. 0 is the default, meaning it defers to the setting in Preferences. Update this number to give this […]

Can I Verify Eligibility Before Adding a Client to the System?

Yes, if you have an Eligibility Profile set up and access to do so, you can run a check prior to entering a Client into the system. Navigate to the [Client Manager] Step 1: Click on [Add New Client] Step 2: Click [Check Client Eligibility] Step 3: Enter info in the mandatory fields Step4: Click […]

How do I check Batch Eligibility?

First, you must request the ability to Verify from the ShareNote Help Desk. After you have been given access and your profile has been added, SELECT Staff will be able to verify eligibility for batches of clients and/or prior to entering. Navigate to the [Client Manager] Step 1: Select the Client or clients to be […]

How Do I add Service Authorizations?

(You May also refer to the Video for Adding Authorizations) If you have Access, you may add Prior Authorizations via the [Service Authorizations Manager]. Navigate to the [Managers > Service Authorizations] Tab Step 1: Select the [Create New] Tab Step 2: Follow Step by step for Date, Client, and the services to be included.-Setting up […]