Can I Verify Eligibility Before Adding a Client to the System?

Yes, if you have an Eligibility Profile set up and access to do so, you can run a check prior to entering a Client into the system. Navigate to the [Client Manager] Step 1: Click on [Add New Client] Step 2: Click [Check Client Eligibility] Step 3: Enter info in the mandatory fields Step4: Click […]

How do I check Batch Eligibility?

First, you must request the ability to Verify from the ShareNote Help Desk. After you have been given access and your profile has been added, SELECT Staff will be able to verify eligibility for batches of clients and/or prior to entering. Navigate to the [Client Manager] Step 1: Select the Client or clients to be […]

How do I use the Wiley Treatment Plan Builder?

The Treatment Plan Builder requires at least one DIAGNOSIS to be assigned to the client for which you are creating the treatment plan. You will need to do this in the DIAGNOSIS/PROBLEMS section of the CLIENT PROFILE before using the Wiley Treatment Plan Builder. Click the MANAGE GOALS link in CLIENT PROFILE > CLIENT GOALS. […]

How do I see the amount of Service Authorizations units my client has left?

You may view your Authorization Units in 4 places.   Under [Managers] > [Service Authorizations] you may view current Auths, even if you do not have access to add them. You may also go to a Client’s Profile. [Managers] > [Client Manager] > [Current Authorizations]. You may also use the Note Center. [Note Center] > Set […]