How do I complete Identity Proofing so that I can prescribe controlled substances?

As a reminder, as soon as you are signed up for electronic prescriptions in ShareNote, you can electronically send NON-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE prescriptions and you can print off CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE prescriptions. You will have to complete the Identity Proofing process to be able to electronically send CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES. Upon sign-up, you received a message in the […]

I received a new phone. How can I activate the two-factor verification on my new phone?

There are two parts to this process: Deactivating the old CREDENTIAL ID, Activating the new CREDENTIAL ID. We have a document that outlines this process which you can download here: As always, if you need assistance with this, please feel free to create a support ticket with us in the ShareNote Help Desk. 

I’m unable to create a BIRP/PIE/UNI note because ShareNote is saying that the date and time overlaps with another client. (Location User)

This message means that there is either a note for the same consumer for the same time done by another staff, or that there is another note done by you for the same time. You will have to speak with your supervisor/administrator to clarify the situation and correct it so that you can submit your […]

How do you import an assessment that was previously exported?

In order to import the assessment, you must… Scroll up to the top of the assessment, where you will see a blue box that states, “Pre-Fill From File”. Expand this section with the arrows on the right side of the bar, then select “Browse”. Once selected, a listing of the files saved on your desktop […]

Why can I not see any information, clients, or staff in ShareNote?

Browse to your profile by clicking, “My Profile”, on the top right of ShareNote under the main menu. Under “Additional Information & Settings”, make sure you do not have “Set Audit View” checked. If checked, click the green, “Edit Staff Details” button. Uncheck the checkbox beside, “Set Audit View”. Click the green, “Update” button to […]

I see a red “X” or nothing at all when I add my signature via a Topaz Signature Pad. What is wrong?

Due to recent updates to Microsoft Windows, ShareNote can no longer support the Topaz Sig Pads via our Help Desk. You may continue to troubleshoot the signature pad by uninstall/reinstalling the software, or by trying to use the signature pad on a computer running Windows 7 or lower, with Micrsoft Internet Explorer. ShareNote now allows […]

Best Practices for Managing Customer Service in the Mental Health Field

Serving the needs of individuals struggling with a mental health disorder requires a certain degree of both empathy as well as an awareness of federal law. While the mental health provider is in an authority position, it is essential that the attitude presented to the patient be one of compassion, treating each patient with the […]