How do I change the Service Code in a submitted Note?

There are 2 ways to update the Service Code in a Note. Your Access Level will determine which method(s) you may use.

If the note is Not Locked you may click Edit in the Note Detail and change the code inside the Note.

If the Note is Locked and or Locked and Signed (and you have access) You may change the Service Code via the drop down menu.

How can I be sure notes can not be submitted without a valid Authorization?

There are 3 items that must work in unison for restrictions to be properly administered. Follow the images below to check your settings for the Service Code, Authorization and Note Preferences.

1. Make sure that the Service Code Requires an Authorization. If it does not, The system will allow it no matter what. (Think Non-Billable Notes)
2. Check these items in the Authorization itself. The Status must be Approved and the Validation must be enforced.
3. In Managers > Preferences > Note Preferences insure Allow Notes is UNCHECKED. Checking this box will allow note without a valid Auth no matter what you’ve done with Auths or Services

Can I sign multiple notes at the same time?

Yes, You can Sign multiple notes at the same time!

Step 1: After Searching for your notes in the [Note Center], select each note using the checkboxes at the left.

Step 2: Scroll to the Bottom of the Page and Select [View All Checked Notes]

Step3: Once in the [Note Detail] Scroll to the bottom of EACH note and check the box to add this note to the Signature Batch.

Step 4: Complete the [Add Electronic Signature] at the bottom of the Note Detail view. Check the Box to agree, Enter Your PIN and Select a Signing Date if you. have access to.

Step 5: Apply Signature to the selected notes.