When viewing a Note, why can’t I see the “Comments” or why is my Message Center blank when it says I have messages?

It is because you have the Set Audit View box checked within your profile. Audit View is a limitation intended for auditors to view limited information inside the ShareNote system. Any staff with Audit View checked will be limited in their access. Please browse to your profile, click Edit, then remove the check from that […]

How do I see the amount of Service Authorizations units my client has left?

You may view your Authorization Units in 4 places.   Under [Managers] > [Service Authorizations] you may view current Auths, even if you do not have access to add them. You may also go to a Client’s Profile. [Managers] > [Client Manager] > [Current Authorizations]. You may also use the Note Center. [Note Center] > Set […]

When I try to create a note, why am I not able to pick a date as far back as I need to complete the note?

If you are unable to pick a date in the past as far as you would like for your note, it is because your organization has put a lock on how many days in the past you have the ability to create a note for. Please contact your ShareNote administrator for more information.